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ᐅᑐᑖᒥᑐᐧᐃᓐ | ᐧᐋᐦᑯᒥᑐᐧᐃᓐ
ututâmituwin | wâhkumituwin
  • Gatherings, family events
  • Promoting equality
  • Laughter / humor
  • A teacher when teaching requires patience
  • When making snowshoes
  • Give patience when dressing up your child
  • Having patience in living with children and family members
  • Showing patience in making a canoe
  • Spotter
  • Saying Hi to one another
  • Being outgoing
  • Being like a brother or a sister
  • Security
  • Giving hugs every morning
  • Helping your siblings and others


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