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Management of COVID-19 in schools: Symptoms contacts, cases

This document summarizes the current recommendations for managing symptoms, contacts and cases in a school setting, and is illustrative of the potential actions that may be required by the Cree School Board and Public Health in different circumstances related to the risk of COVID-19 in a school setting.

It is meant to help the Cree School Board and other community stakeholders involved in COVID-19 prevention and health protection response in schools—to understand some of the types of situations that may come up and that may require action to keep schools and communities safe. COVID-19 is a new disease and new research is being done at a rapid rate.

Updates and changes to these recommendations may be expected as we discover more about the disease.


Public Health goals in managing COVID-19 symptoms, cases and contacts of cases are to:

  • Quickly identify people at risk or suspected of carrying COVID-19
  • Minimise the chance of transmission COVID-19 from one individual to another
  • Limit the transmission of other infections that may have symptoms resembling COVID-19 Maintain a safe environment for students and teachers
  • Minimise the psychosocial and physical burdens on children and communities

November 26, 2020

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