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Title Status Posting number Posting end date
P-2021-0771.Establishment Advisor (1106) Permanent Full Time P-2021-0771 January 28, 2021
RECALL LIST - Chisasibi Occasional RECALL LIST January 26, 2021
DEV-P-2021-0087A Translator (1241) Permanent Full Time DEV-P-2021-0087A January 26, 2021
S-2021-XXXX- Housekeeping Attendant- Public Health Building (2 positions)- Complete Posting # to be determined later Permanent Full Time S-2021-XXXX January 26, 2021
S-2021-0592A- Maintenance Worker- MSDC Permanent Full Time S-2021-0592A January 26, 2021
N-2021-0602- Enlarged Role Nurse Permanent Full Time N-2021-0602 January 26, 2021
S-2021-0752 Administrative Technician (2101) Permanent Full Time S-20201-0752 January 26, 2021
S-2021-0486 Community Worker (2375) Occasional S-2021-0486 January 26, 2021
N-2021-0563- Enlarged Role Nurse Permanent Full Time N-2021-0563 January 25, 2021
S-2021-0491 Transport Attendant for Physically Handicapped Beneficiaries (6418) Permanent Part Time S-2021-0491 January 25, 2021

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