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N-2122-0093A Respiratory Therapist (2244)

Location: Mistissini


Permanent Full Time


Min. (1) $23.70 - Max (12) $37.13

Hours per day/week



Reporting to the Director of Professional Services and Quality Assurance – Allied Health.
Person who assumes responsibility for a set of respiratory therapy techniques. She/he contributes to the evaluation of the cardiorespiratory function of the user for diagnostic or therapeutic monitoring purposes, contributes to anesthesia and treats problems, which affect the cardiorespiratory system.
She/he is responsible for handling the devices used for these purposes. She/he sees to their distribution, maintenance and proper functioning. She/he can participate in teaching techniques specific to respiratory therapy.

Strategic responsibilities
• Participates in regional support to the respiratory therapists team and provides technical support to the three communities of Mistissini, Waswanipi and Ouje-Bougoumou (Mistissini pole);
• Supports and maintain respiratory health training programs (e.g., Therapeutic guide, collective prescriptions, give and follow up on trainings offered by regional RT trainer) followed by the first-line workers of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB);
• Supports the respiratory therapy trainer with the planning and continued professional development trainings across the CBHSSJB including at the annual nurses training;
• Provides support for first-line workers in relation to the competencies associated with respiratory therapy (nurses, physicians, etc.) across Mistissini pole communities;
• Creates self-help and support groups for users with chronic respiratory problems and their caregivers;
• Participates in the development of clinical tools and procedures as needed for the Mistissini pole;
• Participates in regional strategic planning for respiratory therapy programs and regional initiatives as requested.

Operational responsibilities
• Follows up on the training sessions to workers, follow-up on the training and evaluate the results in the Mistissini pole;
• Support homecare workers to increase competences in respiratory homecare services such as monitoring/assessing and treating individuals with breathing difficulties, including verifying the proper functioning of various therapeutic devices (eg: O2 concentrators, compressors, etc.)
• Ensures proper functioning of respiratory therapy equipment including preventive maintenance and quality control measures are followed;
• Ensures an adequate supply of respiratory therapy equipment and supplies available in the Mistissini pole communities to meet the needs e.g. oxygen;
• Offer support to clinical personnel at Mistissini CMC for tasks related to respiratory therapy including assisting in emergencies, when available, and only during regular working hours.
• Ensures the development or update of the compilation tool of unit values of professional activities (statistics) when required;
• Acts as a liaison or resource person to the purchasing department for the regional RT needs as required;
• Performs diagnostic tests such as pulmonary function testing in Mistissini as needed, as well as other diagnostic tests on an as needed basis.
Administrative Responsibilities
• Supports and ensures that respiratory equipment in the Mistissini pole communities are in good condition, including preventive maintenance;
• Carries out any other function at the request of the supervisor.


• Member in good standing of the Ordre professionnel des inhalothérapeutes du Québec (OPIQ);
• Diploma of college studies (DEC) in respiratory therapy techniques.

• Two (2) years of relevant experience in a hospital or CLSC setting.

Knowledge and skills:

• Knowledge and experience in hospital, public and community health promotion and prevention, and in related approaches, methods, issues and programing (as well as in a First Nations context) is an asset;
• Knowledge of the MSSS programs and regulations with respect to first-line services is an asset;
• Knowledge of Eenou/Eeyou Miyupimaatisiiun healing practices and paradigms is an asset;
• Excellent written and verbal communication, and group facilitation skills;
• Excellent interpersonal communication, listening, leadership and teamwork skills;
• Excellent critical-thinking, organizational and decision-making skills;
• Strong interest in developing and writing clinical tools;
• Sense of autonomy, flexibility, tact and empathy;
• Self-starter, creative and open to change;
• Advanced knowledge of office automation software and database management systems

• Fluent in English;
• Fluency in Cree or French is an asset;

• Note that this is a new position and the job description is subject to change depending on the evolving needs of the region;
• Available to travel to the Waswanipi and Ouje-Bougoumou regularly;
• Available to travel to all nine (9) Cree communities as needed.


 Removal premium, Retention premium, Cargo premium (resident on the territory)
 35 hours / week
 Furnished accommodation, moving assistance and furniture storage (resident on the territory)
 4 weeks of vacation after 1 year, 13 statutory holidays, 9.6 sick leaves
 Group insurance plan and pension plan
 3 outings per year with dependents (spouses and / or children) or 4 outings per year without dependents (resident on the territory)

In addition, technicians and professionals who are currently in the Quebec health and social services network can request Nordic unpaid leave (up to 48 months) from their establishment to work at the Cree Health Board of James Bay.

Additional Information

Posting start/end date

01/13/2022 - 01/28/2022
Posting number
Who can apply

Other ways to apply

Please forward your resume to:

Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay



With your application, please make sure to specify the posting number and the job title.

We thank all candidates who apply, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

In accordance with various Sections of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA), the organization has the objective of staffing all of its positions with qualified and competent beneficiaries of the JBNQA.

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Life in Eeyou Istchee

We are the Cree of Eeyou Istchee. We call ourselves Eeyou and Eenou. Our name means simply “the people”. Clients of the CBHSSJB include the almost 18,000 people residing in the nine Cree communities and scattered throughout the territory at hunting camps, mine sites, hydro-electric installations and logging camps.

The best way to experience the Cree way of life is by participating in community and cultural activities. Most communities have an ice rink, fitness centre and a gymnasium. Several communities, including Chisasibi, have indoor pools. Ask the Community Health Representative or Community Organizer at the clinic about opportunities to participate in Cree cultural activities such as walking out ceremonies. The region offers some of the world’s best fishing, canoeing, hiking and snowmobiling. 

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