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Research at the CBHSSJB

The CBHSSJB oversees health and social services research for the population of Eeyou Istchee.

Our role is to work with our partners—Indigenous and non-Indigenous—to ensure that research conducted under the auspices of the CBHSSJB is relevant, meaningful, respectful and responds to the needs of Eeyouch as expressed in the CBHSSJB Strategic Regional Plan. Research projects may be led by external partners or by collaborators from other departments within the CBHSSJB.

To guide research collaborations, the CBHSSJB has adopted the Miyupimaatisiiun Research Principles.

The Miyupimaatisiiun Research Principles, which were developed in consultation with the Nishiiyuu Council of Elders, Research Governance Committee and experts in Indigenous intellectual property, are applied in parallel with legal frameworks for research involving human participants.

In keeping with First Nations principles of Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP® ) and the Miyupimaatisiiun Research Principles, researchers agree to return all research information and data (i.e., intellectual property) to Eeyou-Eenou communities, who are the owners. The CBHSSJB may act as a steward of research information, protecting and preserving it for the future.

The CBHSSJB ensures that research results are shared with the public, and that knowledge translation products and activities engage individuals and communities in a process of positive change.

We are committed to nurturing the next generation of Eeyou-Eenou scientists, ethicists and research administrators.

The CBHSSJB has a new research framework requiring community-based research projects with prior approval and cultural safety review.

The CBHSSJB supports participatory, community-based research projects that take an Indigenous, strengths-based approach.

These Miyupimâtisîun Research Principles must be followed by anyone conducting research involving the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of J

How we define research

At the CBHSSJB we define research as a systematic investigation aimed at extending or creating new knowledge. It is an activity aimed at testing a hypothesis and drawing conclusions, thereby seeking to develop or contribute to knowledge (as per TCPS 2 2022).

Many activities share research-like methodologies but do not fall under the category of research, such as program evaluation, quality improvement and surveillance.

According to the Public Health Act (CQLR, c. S-2.2), the following activities do not fall under research:

  • Surveillance of the health status of the population and its determinants.

  • Health portraits developed for the purpose of informing the population on its general state of health and of major health problems, groups most at risk, principal risk factors and related matters.

  • Regional surveys on health and social issues.

For more information about Public Health Surveillance, contact

An Indigenous-led Approach

Research is a collaborative, inclusive and respectful endeavor that balances scientific methods with principles of Eeyouch ways of knowing and doing.

We strive to collaborate with Elders, community members, the Cree Nation Government, CBHSSJB departments, Cree entities and academic institutions to ensure that research takes an Indigenous, strengths-based approach.

As part of the CBHSSJB mandate to foster communities’ control over their health and well-being, we only carry out participatory, community-based research and are committed to strengthening the capacity of our communities to develop, conduct and have ownership over research data and results.

An updated research governance structure and new policies and procedures guide our work and help ensure accountability for the quality of health and social service research on our territory.

The Research Office works directly with collaborators to develop research and data use agreements that reflect an Indigenous approach to gathering, managing and sharing knowledge. 

These pillars help ensure that relations between researchers, communities and participants are governed by the Eeyou-Eenou values of truth, respect and reciprocity.

What to expect in the future

As part of our research mandate, the CBHSSJB is committed to:

  • Working with Cree entities to foster Eeyou-Eenou capacity for Indigenous-led research;
  • The recruitment of Eeyou-Eenou research collaborators on every research project;
  • Working with researchers to make research results available in ways that are meaningful and relevant to our communities.


For more information, please reach out to the Research Office.


The use of the word stakeholder is being evaluated. Please interpret it as key partner or knowledge user in a position to effect changes.

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