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The Miyupimaatisiiun Department oversees frontline services in nine Community Miyupimaatisiiun Centres (CMCs) and the Regional Hospital in Chisasibi. 


Community Miyupimaatisiiun Centre (CMCs)

Community Miyupimaatisiiun Centres (CMCs) are the community presence of the CBHSSJB. Each CMC includes a walk-in clinic, as well as community health clinics serving Awash (0-9), Uschiniichisuu (10-29), and Chishaayiyuu (30 and older). 


For pregnant women, infants and young children (birth to 9 years), and their families through a culturally safe and integrated services approach. 

Chisasibi Hospital

The Chisasibi Hospital provides primary and secondary healthcare services to the population of Eeyou Istchee. 

The medical team includes 7 doctors and 27 registered nurses. The hospital has 29 beds, of which 17 are for acute care (5 pediatric), 9 for chronic care, and 3 for respite care. The Hemodialysis Unit has 9 dialysis stations. There is a partial pre-dialysis program 2 days a week. 

Chisasibi Regional Hospital has a modern laboratory, radiology department, archives, liaison department, physiotherapist and nutritionist services, and a dental clinic. 

Specialist services are provided through a partnership with RUIS McGill. Through this partnership, specialists from McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), Jewish General, St. Mary’s, and Douglas Hospitals visit Chisasibi Regional Hospital and provide telemedicine services in obstetrics, surgery, paediatrics, orthopedics, internal medicine, ophthalmology, otolaryngology and psychiatry. 

The Hospital manages regional programs for Infection Prevention and Control and Telemedicine. 

Services available at Chisasibi Hospital

  • Dental department (walk-in clinic) 
  • Out-patient clinic (in hospital) 
  • Medicine Department (admissions and observations) 
  • Pharmacy (prescriptions and over the counter medicine) 
  • Hemodialysis Unit (outpatient hemodialysis treatments) 
  • Specialists visits: paediatrician, ophthalmologist, optometry, ENT 
  • Nutritionist (in hospital) 
  • Laboratory 
  • Dental clinic 
  • Physiotherapy (rehab therapy) 
  • Wiichihiituwin (formerly Cree Patient Services) – (coordinating patients' medical visits in Val d’Or, Montreal, Amos) 


Medical Affairs and Services

  • Medicine: The Department of General and Specialized Medicine (DGMS) includes all CBHSSJB family physicians and specialists. The DMGS team work together with colleagues in other professions to ensure integrated medical services are continuous, culturally safe, effective and accessible to the entire population. 
  • Dentistry: The Dentistry Department is responsible for providing quality general and specialized dental services throughout Eeyou Istchee. 
  • Pharmacy: The Pharmacy Department provides prescriptions and renewals in Chisasibi, Mistissini and Waskaganish.



The DPSQA-Psychosocial Department focuses on front-line social services provided by community workers, human relations officers and social workers, ensuring quality services are accessible and meet the population's needs.   

  • Foster Care
  • Robin’s Nest

*Directorate of Professional Services and Quality Assurance

Health (Nursing) 

DPSQA-Health is committed to helping improve the health and social wellness of the population of Eeyou Istchee, ensuring quality of care and competency of the organization’s nurses, CHRs (Community Health Representatives), home care workers and beneficiary attendants.  

Allied Health

DPSQA-Allied Health supervises nutritionists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, psycho-educators, respiratory therapists and allied health related managers. 

*Directorate of Professional Services and Quality Assurance 

Specialized Services

Specialized Services oversees specialist visits, telehealth services, service corridors and the CRDS (Centre de répartition des demandes de service) Eeyou-Istchee, with a mandate linked to the CBHSSJB Strategic Regional Plan (SRP). 


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Allied Health refers to those areas that affect health and well-being, but which lie outside medical services.

The Dental and Oral Health Program organizes and carries out activities and initiatives to prevent tooth decay and to support oral health. 


Wiichihiituwin delivers quality services to the population of Eeyou Istchee who need health care outside the region.

Nutrition counselling can take place in an individual session or in a group/workshop setting (such as a cooking class).  

Occupational therapy helps people to improve their ability to perform normal activities.

Pharmacy services, staffed by professional pharmacists and assistant pharmacists, deliver prescribed medications to clients.

Physiotherapy helps people who have physical disabilities or problems to address these issues.

The Regional Laboratory Department analyses blood or urine samples to help health care professionals diagnose and treat conditions and diseases. 

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