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Human Resources

Our HR objectives are derived from the CBHSSJB Strategic Regional Priorities:

Build internal capacity

  1. Develop an Employee Contribution program
  2. Integrate Indigenous Succession Plan candidates
  3. Implement Virtuo GPRH system
  4. Implement Manager Integration Program
  5. Implement a Healthy Workplace campaign
  6. Revise the manager’s working conditions
  7. Increase work climate support
  8. Improve absenteeism data collection and reporting


The Staffing unit is committed to an equitable, systematic and consistent approach to recruitment and selection of the staff in order to attract and retain the most qualified individuals.


  • Internal movement
  • Attraction
  • Recruitment
  • Orientation and onboarding
  • Students and internship management
  • Data management and reporting
  • Managers support with WeHoop and rules
  • Develop and maintain the off-loading process in case of a breach of service

Recall List

The Recall List unit is responsible for managing the short-term need for replacement personnel. The unit's objectives are to ensure effective management, in accordance with the collective agreements (FIQ & CSN).


  • Staff replacement
  • Recall list employees management

Human Resources Development (HRD)

The HRD unit is responsible for building culturally a safe training environment that supports the Strategic Regional Plan (SRP).

The HRD unit also supports the organization through:

  • HR programs development and implementation 
  • Management consulting 
  • Developing various tools to support the managers


  • Training activities planning & coordination
  • Organizational diagnostics
  • Coaching management
  • Managers support in work/team climate
  • Indigenous succession planning
  • Data reporting

Compensation and Benefits

The Compensation and Benefits unit oversees the administration of employee* files throughout their entire life cycle with the organization, including the determination and monitoring of their compensation as well as their benefits package as per MSSS regulations.

* Doctors and dentists are not employees of CBHSSJB.


  • Pension plan
  • Insurance groups
  • Leave management
  • Compensation
  • Managers compensation
  • Reclassification

Health & Safety

The Health and Safety unit:

  • Investigates all work-related accidents or near accidents
  • Oversees salary insurance

It assesses/identifies risks in the physical workplace, makes recommendations and follows up on corrections. The unit also ensures communications and compliance with CNESST standards for managers and employees and maintains a vaccination database for front-line employees.


  • Prevention
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Clinical programs (vaccination, fit tests, etc.)
  • Leave management
  • Disability management
  • Absences
  • PPE, uniforms, etc.

Labour relations

The Labour Relations unit plays a front-line advisory role for the CBHSSJB managers in the application of both national and local collective agreements (FIQ & CSN) applicable within our organization as well as various laws pertaining to the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS). 


  • Working conditions
  • Discipline management
  • Union relations
  • Grievance management
  • Workplace investigations
  • Service reorganizations-transformation
  • Harassment complaints
  • Daily support to managers

Senior Management

Senior Managment:

  • Provide advice on working conditions
  • Promote community life among CBHSSJB managers
  • Collaborate on the development of a distinct working conditions by-law as proposed by MSSS 


  • Strategic planning
  • Department action planning
  • Internal strategic partnerships
  • External stakeholder management
  • Department performance reporting
  • Internal reporting
  • Organizational policies enforcement
  • Consultants regular alignment
  • Screening protocols for all employees and doctors

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

CBHSSJB  employees have access to immediate and confidential assistance, 24/7, through our employee assistance program. The EAP toll-free number is 1-800-387-4765. Employees may also access consultation and online resources at

For more information, please contact the Human Resources Department

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